Here are a few rules of the house:

If I take my vehicle out of storage for a few days, do I get a rebate of storage charges?

No. You need to keep paying your storage charge in order to reserve your space.

Can I work on my vehicle on site?

Not normally as the maintenance/detailing bay will probably be in use. However, do ask.

Can I ask for an air chamber for my car?

This is not needed but if you insist then it will depend on whether we have the space. Ask for quote to purchase etc.

Do you take race cars, motorcycles or caravans?

Race cars yes, Motorcycles if we have the space.

For your standard charge, is there a limit on value or vehicle size?

Yes, current maximum value of £75,000 and 5.5metres in length, but we can quote on vehicles up to £2,000,000.

Can I book my car in just while I am away on holiday?

Our aim is a minimum stay of 3 months but contact us, we may just have the space.

Can I pay cash for charges raised?

No. We would prefer all charges to be paid by direct bank transfer or by cheque. We do not have a card machine.

How do I pay my monthly storage charge?

We would prefer it if you set up a regular standing order, but either way monthly invoices must be paid within 7 days of receipt.

What happens if I don’t pay my monthly bill?

If you are a regular offender then we will ask you to remove your car, bearing in mind that we will not release it until all bills have been paid.

Do I need to keep my own insurance in place for my car?

No, but you may need to do so both to be able to drive the car when you wish & to keep any NCD in play (if relevant).

Can I leave my other car on site while I take my classic out?

Yes, no problem; even a helicopter if you so choose.

Can I just turn up on site unannounced?

We are a high security unit & need to follow procedures in order to maintain that security. Owners turning up unannounced positively discriminate against this.

However we would, of course, be delighted to see you, but by appointment please.