Pre Storage

On arrival your car will be put through a 7 stage acceptance procedure before being allowed into the facility:

  1. Vehicle condition will be recorded & supported by photographs.
  2. A unique id number will be issued, keys tagged, a record started & you will be issued with a receipt for your car. Any special points will be noted such as your normal tyre pressures, what oil you use, mot details etc.
  3. Your car will be hand washed & dried, the inside vacuumed, and a temporary driver’s floor mat positioned. Owner’s mats will be placed in the boot.
  4. Tyre pressures will be increased to prevent flat spotting.
  5. A battery health check will be carried out, water/ante freeze and oil levels checked, topped up & rectified as necessary.
  6. Your car will be started and brakes used in order to remove disc rust caused by the washing stage.
  7. The car will then be moved to the main storage facility next door.


electric-car-moverOnce in position in the storage facility the car will have:

  • a drip tray placed underneath.
  • the driver’s floor mat removed; handbrake off.
  • windows opened 2cms to allow air circulation.
  • be connected to a “CTEK” battery conditioner.
  • and be fitted with a soft & breathable cover by “Classic Additions”.

While in storage cars will receive regular attention:

  • Daily vehicle & area check.
  • Every 14 days … battery status checked, drip tray inspected.
  • If requested: Every 45 days … car moved to service/detailing bay, all fluids & pressures checked, engine run up to temperature, all electrical & air conditioning components checked, driven on site.
  • If requested: Cars can be run on the open road by arrangement, so long as the weather is dry & roads clear.
  • We reserve the right to change a car’s fuel if it is felt that it has “gone off” & to charge the owner accordingly.


Vehicles may be taken out of storage at any time although we would ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice, and preferably 48 hours, in order to make sure that your car is ready for you.

  • the car cover will be rolled up & stored on the car’s home slot.
  • battery conditioner will likewise be disconnected & stored.
  • temporary floor mat will be positioned.
  • car will be moved to the servicing/detailing bay.
  • oil, water, & hydraulic levels, & under bonnet generally will be checked.
  • screen wash will be topped up & battery health checked.
  • paintwork will be checked as satisfactory, rectified as necessary.
  • glass will be cleaned as necessary.
  • inside will be vacuumed, door sills & cards cleaned.
  • tyre pressures will be re-adjusted.
  • car will be fuelled as required or, in any case, with a minimum of 20 litres of fuel.
  • tax & mot will be checked as necessary.
  • radio, clock & instrument lights checked; keys present, temporary mat removed, owner’s mats positioned as necessary.
  • car handed over to owner.

As far as possible cars will be moved outside and to the maintenance/detailing facility (or anywhere else) by electrical car mover.

This will help to maintain the main storage facility at an average 55% humidity.